Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Still going...

Hello all--

I am recovering from a pretty nasty bout of the stomach flu. I guess God was testing me to see how I would handle being sick. It is a lot easier with a flush toilet and air-conditioning--luxuries I am sure I won't have when I am sick in Africa--but I am still on the mend.

Things are moving along. I am hoping to have a going away party/b'day party/fundraiser the week of August 21st.

As some of you know, I was supposed to run the Chicago Marathon with Team in Training this year. However, with my Sept. 25th leave date that is impossible. So, I am going to be running the NYC 1/2 Marathon instead. I am raising money for a WONDERFUL cause...the fight against Leukemia, lymphoma, and all other blood-borne cancers. Join me in making a contricution to this wonderful society! $1 or $ doesn't can donate's that easy! Go to:

Thanks so much and keep tuning in for more updates!

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