Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cruisin' Along...

**A picture of Mom and I with the captain of the boat and a pic of Mom and I in Costa Maya!!!**

Hello all (or the 2 people actually reading this--and that includes my mom)--

We just got back today from our WONDERFUL cruise to Mexico. We left from Mobile, AL and took a 5-day cruise! It was our last chance to spend some quality time together before I ship off to Africa for 2 years...and it was definitely time well spent.

As you can tell by the pictures, which you can access at:, we had ab absolute blast. We met some amazing people who made the trip so much more worthwhile and fun! We danced, drank, talked, tanned...everything that we had hoped!

I have 13 days and counting before I leave for NYC, and 17 days until I will be in orientation for the Peace Corps. It was a bit odd to be cruising around, and thinking about the decadence that is a cruise...and then comparing that to what I am about to encounter. I felt a little bad that I was enjoying such frivolities...but, at the same time I wanted to enjoy myself and be happy for the time I spent with my Mom.

Regardless of my sometimes sad thoughts I had an amazing time...thanks to my Momma and everyone that we met on the cruise for making it memorable!

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