Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Parlez-Vous Francais?...Ummmm, not really!

So, the days are really ticking down now, and it seems like it is FLYING by. I don't think the idea that I have to say goodbye to my family for 2 years (or at least a year until I come visit) has sunk in yet. I started to picture what it would be like the night before I left and I had to push the idea of it from my mind. I have been having so much fun spending time with my mom, and with my little nephew Drew (picture below...isn't he adorable!).

It's hard to imagine that the next time I see him he will be 1 1/2 or 2 years old. I will have to send him pictures and gifts so that he remembers who is Auntie is, and knows who to come to when he wants to get spoiled!

All my preparations seems to be going pretty well. I have almost all that I need to finish packing. I have a few more doubles on my toiletries that I have to times. Mike is coming down this weekend to watch me run in the outdoor triathalon with my brother, and to come to a going away party on Sunday. It will be nice to have him here with me.

I have to admit that I am getting a bit nervous about this whole French requirement. Yes, I fulfilled what the Peace Corps asked of me (to pass through Level 1 and Level 2 of college French). But, my speaking skills are less than stellar, and I am so scared that they are going to boot me or something because of it. I am trying to study on my own, but without speaking it to anyone or even hearing it, I am finding it pretty difficult. Anyone have any ideas?

C'est la vie I guess...A bientot.

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Anonymous said...

I thought this might help. It focuses on conversation and object recognition (not grammar) cuz in the real world who's got grammar