Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mom's Burkina Adventure Update!

Hello all! Well, I am just checking in as we do the Burkina Tour 2008 with my mama! Don't worry everyone...she is fine, happy, and (luckily) healthy! We had an amazing time touring Banfora, hanging out in my village for the March 8th Women's Day celebration, and although our elephant hunt was a bit of a bust (more on that later)...we are having a blast.

We are currently visiting my host family in Ouahigouya, and on Saturday we will continue to Ouaga for her to fly out. It has been an amazing trip. There have been adventures for sure, but I am sure she will be coming home with a lot of fun memories. I will elaborate on our trip later. For now, here is a little slideshow of our trip thus far. Stay Safe!

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