Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed!

Finally! After all the planning and organizing my Mom has touched down in Burkina Faso! I wasn't sure if it was even going to happen...what with all the riots, and almost canceled flight in Paris, and everything...but she persevered and at 3:30 am she walked out of that airport. So, for all of you who are worried about her, or wondering if she got in...she's here, happy, and healthy (so far).

My life is so drastically different and separate from my life back home, so to see a piece of my life at home show up here is a bit surreal. I am excited, however, to introduce her to the life that I have been living this past year and a half. I am excited to have someone truly understand what I mean when I talk about heat, people, annoying animals, adorable kids, pooping in a hole, etc. There is only so much that you can convey through words and pictures, and so much of this experience can only come through seeing and I am SO happy that someone will be here to experience it and join in it with me.

Our itinerary is pretty loose. We may go to one of the animal reserves to see some cool animals, and then after that we are headed to my village for the March 8th, International Women's Day celebrations--Question: Why doesn't the US celebrate this holiday as well? It is a HUGE holiday here, and I am told others around the world celebrate it as well. It seems odd that the "greatest country on earth," doesn't honor the women that brought it there...anyhoo...

Alright, well, I just wanted to let everyone know that Mom got in okay. The adventure begins!!! Stay safe!

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